My Glamour, Philosophized

Today I sat and pondered. I thought of glamorous fashions and philosophical theology. I went through the Historical index in my mind, and realized it is high time I begin to study again. Soon, I hope, I will begin my studies anew and finish my first degree…so long on hold. Fourteen years ago I had a plan. That plan would’ve seen me as a History Professor by now, published and working on my second or third Masters Degree. Oh! But life got in the way. I would say I regret it all, but I cannot. For my two children were born during this time and my focus became solely on them.
So what does all this have to do with glamour and philosophy? Everything and nothing. Depends on how you decide to look at it. To me, glamour is all about how you not only feel but how you project that feeling to the outside world. I am a person who gives respect first, and if you show me you’re not worthy then I politely let you know. I don’t like to play a role, I believe a person should be honest, and trustworthy. If you are not compatible to me and my personality I will let you know…but with respect. We don’t have to be best friends or even friends, but what I do think is necessary is “Do Unto Others”. When a person can be truthful I feel life falls into place properly. Glamour is classic elegance; In how you dress, how you wear your hair, how you treat others and how you present yourself to the world. That is the Philosophy side to Glamour. Everything is philosophical. I can make the shade of lipstick or nail color a point to philosophize. However, it is a person’s whole package that is most philosophical.
I have done myself a huge disservice. I put myself last and my ex-husband and children first. Now, I will always put my children’s needs before mine. However, that does not mean I should continue to never see myself. I now need to really look at myself in the mirror. I now have to put my career ahead of many things…for my children and myself. I am literally starting over. I’m starting from scratch and beginning the process that will build me and my future. So, today I will be glamorous to myself. Today I will philosophize why, what, when, where and how I begin my new yet old journey. I will put on a beautiful shade of pink lipstick, a nice dress (probably black) add a touch of my lovely edge, which usually includes multiple bracelets and a statement necklace. I will step out in my boots (not cowboy) and take control of my life.
How do you take control of yours?


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