My Jewelry Story, Delayed.

I adore jewelry. It does not have to cost a fortune to look great. I have often found great pieces that were cheap or at resale shops. My favorite jewelry is bracelets. I love cuffs, and to stack the heck out of bangles. My latest craze are magnetic bracelets. But don’t wear them next to a watch! Stacking jewelry of any kind I love…rings look awesome stacked. Midi rings are also my latest fetish, but I know that’s nothing new. However! I was doing it way back in the ’90s with rings that were just too small to fit all the way.
Now that I am older I know I have a real eye for fashion. I always just assumed my style wasn’t trendy, because it usually wasn’t. But I loved how I looked! In the end isn’t that the point? I would love to create and design my own fashion line…whether that ever happens, I do not know. What I Do know is that my life is mine again (more on that to come). I am in control and my aspirations are many. Sure, I won’t be breaking any age barriers like I once thought. I thought, at one time, I’d be the youngest Professor who made tenure at The University if St. Thomas (Houston,Tx)…but that is no longer the case. I am Finally okay with that. For two years now I’ve had to do some major soul searching. What have I found? I discovered that despite my many setbacks and drawbacks I can do everything I want to. Just in time, nothing happens overnight.
So in time, me, my thoughts and my stacked jewelry are going to study the heck out of this world and create a life to be proud of. For me and for my family…even my ex. What are your delayed dreams? Seriously. I’d love to know.







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