Acquired Wisdom

I want to let my followers know that in the near future I will be using the Philosophy side of my blog much more. I intend to expound on many of my favorite Philosophers, which many are Theologians as well. Theologians, in my opinion often make the best Philosophers.
Many of you may be perplexed that I would chose both Fashion and Philosophy to create a blog. I completely understand. However, in my Liberal Arts Educated Mind, it is not odd at all. The world is filled with so much beauty and it comes in millions of forms. I love to think, question, and yes philosophize on any and every subject….including Fashion and Beauty.
My main objective is to become wise with the knowledge I have acquired and Will acquire.. Everyday we learn something new. Do you realize this? Many people DO acknowledge the many life lessons learned daily, harnessing the new info for present and future wisdom; while on the flip side so many of us can be lackadaisical about our day and completely ignore ourselves, cowering in our safe little world in order to not face our realities. One personality is doing and creating and processing their lives while the other is doing all they can to not acknowledge their presence in this world. Both actions, while being completely opposite, STILL do not actually and literally comprehend the brand new knowledge that comes at us on a daily basis.
I am one of these people, we all are. However, I do my best to look out for new information regularly. Some days I could care less…like yesterday for example. I had a migraine/sinus headache/along with a pinched nerve that extended from the middle of my back all the way to my eye. Fun!!😰 my spine is slowly degenerating and because I decided to superclean my room, my back said, “No way let’s punish you!” The other headaches were from a weather front bringing ragweed or whatever it is I’m allergic to (I forget), and my neighbors burning their the plastic bags..which is toxic😲, & illegal! 

But I digress.  In my world I am starting over in life and literally working my way up from the bottom. I, unfortunately, had a marriage that went very sour and my ex just dropped me. What makes me the most angry is I did not finish my degree and focus any part of my life on myself. My ex never supported me in my desires to finish my education or in starting a small business with Mary Kay. Don’t knock Mary Kay, I learned excellent business and sales knowledge that I will be able to use for life. Not to mention the exceptional skincare products!! The Timewise Line healed my adult acne and took years off my skin! The microdermabrasion alone is a tiny miracle. It took off more than half my acne scars and is still working it’s magic! The many many other skincare products are just as wonderful and actually live up to and exceed any hype or positive remarks. I highly recommend trying Mary Kay; in fact, sign the consultant agreement and you only pay half, while making a 50% profit on anything you decide to sell. Mary Kay’s makeup, in my opinion, is better than Estée Lauder, Clinique, and any other department store brand, and for way less in price.  

My basic message is to always follow YOUR heart, YOUR dreams and YOUR desires.  Although I have many regrets, I can’t and don’t blame my ex for where I am today (or where I’m not) because I have two really cool kids and I certainly do not regret them. Plus I learned a ton! My life lessons have been many, and very humbling. Lesson 1: Never allow another to take your power! Lesson 2: Finish what you start, no matter what others think, or when the tough gets harder! Lesson 3: Realize your mistakes!, and do your best to right any and all wrongs as soon as possible!, or as soon as your life allows you to. Lesson 4: Listen to your elders, BUT!, ignore advice that takes you away from the future YOU want! Lesson 5: Dream Big, Work Hard and Collect as much info as you possibly can!! All knowledge, good and bad, will help you in some way. Life isn’t always glamorous, but it is always philosophical.”>2015/01/img_1287.jpg







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