UnOrganized Glamour, but Always Philosophical 

I have not posted Anything I’ve written  in over a month, going on two. Why? Personal situations and because I’m not very happy with what I do write. My Main personal problem is the fact that my body is slowly falling apart, and I have chronic, daily pain that intrudes in on my mind, my day, my movements. This is My Cross to bear, and I shall…because it’s not going anywhere! Accept it and move forward, ever forward! The ideas, whole sentences, characters, plots and character twists are all swimming around at the top of my thought bubble, just hoping I decide to pick them. Well, it’s high time I do! I put a wall up between Myself, my Ability AND my Desire to write. 

Well, from here on out, everyday I will write a little something, or a big something, JUST WRITE MICHELE, Ms. GlamPhilosopher!! LOL! ❤️ Oh! Laughter is such a great release of pent up energy, thoughts, desires, & Needs!  










I have multiple ideas of what I want to write, and how I want it written,  but I’m still in such a place of non organization. I’m getting there though! I have on kid gloves and I Am climbing the literary mountain. 

I will “see” you soon. Blessings to all! xx


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