Assessing the Damage at Hatra

Modern History in the making. I feel it is highly important to know what is happening in our world today. We must take great care to save the cultures of yesterday and today in order to preserve this knowledge for future wisdom. This article and writer does just that, and more. This is a very important read, so please do our world a service by reading and re-blogging it. This is knowledge we must learn, save, and distribute to as many people as possible. Thank you.

Gates of Nineveh: An Experiment in Blogging Assyriology

Last month reports swept through the global media that ISIS had used bulldozers to level the ancient city of Hatra. ISIS has already destroyed a number of irreplaceable sculptures from Hatra in the Mosul Museum, lending immediate credibility to reports from Iraqi antiquities officials that ISIS fighters had destroyed Hatra itself as well.

However, no videos or other confirmation surfaced for a month afterwards and there was no way to assess the extent of the damage. The story gradually faded from the media. Given the massive size of Hatra, and its location in the middle of the desert, in a region of no strategic significance, over fifty kilometers from inhabited areas, some grew skeptical that ISIS had mounted a major operation to demolish Hatra.

On Saturday video surfaced on YouTube and other websites which showed ISIS fighters destroying sculptures at Hatra. The voice-overs from several ISIS fighters contained the standard…

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