How to Get Smarter

I’m an avid disciple of learning. I will take college courses, learn lessons, and read while writing until I physically cannot. Learning does not stop at High School,or College, or Grad School. Learning is what LIFE IS. If u don’t learn something new everyday, what’s the point? It doesn’t matter how small or large your newly learned info is. Just do it. In this modern day, learning something new everyday is very easy. Education is also the lessons of life. The biggest piece of knowledge I’ve learned in the past 15 years is to never let another human control you, wear you down, or believe you aren’t of value; because of this life education I will now continue my studies and never stop. The only thing stopping me, or rather slowing me down is my physical issues, which are painful and chronic. However, I will hold my book, phone, tablet & so forth up as long as my neck allows, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Which is often. Growing up I was told Latin was the hardest language to learn. So, inspire of it not being a prerequisite to my major, I took a semester of Latin…and never made below a 92, which, in my eyes, was bad because I usually made 97-100. When my mother found this out she thought I was a genius. I said no, it was my many years taking Spanish that helped…Latin is soo easy compared to any other Romance language. So please, keep learning, keep educating yourself to the best of your abilities, because one day it Will come in handy. Please read this original blog post from Time. It just may enlighten you. Good work and God Bless. (I don’t believe in luck).


Wouldn’t you like to know how to get smarter? Of course.

I’ve looked at the science on the subject many times in the past and there are some simple methods — like, believe it or not, exercise and even chewing gum.

But is that really going to move the needle over the long haul? Research shows that IQ isn’t all that valuable without a little discipline behind it.

So what’s going to really make a difference? Learning.

Cool. But learning new stuff takes time. And you’re busy. But what if you could pick up new skills super fast?

Ah-ha. Now we’re on to something. However, I’m no expert at this. But, luckily, I know a guy…

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