#EdwardRutherford, The Saints (#StThèréseofLisiuex, #StAugustine. {my man!} & #StRita) And #StThomasAquinas obviously get #people #love #relationships #lifestyles #time #choicesMade #decisions that set the many #courses of our #life #age #evolution of our ever changing world. The philosophical journey of #Faith is an epic event in one’s life. The highs and lows of life require #knowledge to be learned; the #theological debate of the world is what needs to be addressed. Wars are always religious in nature or involves lands and territory. The “little ways” of life are what we can do daily to add to the bigger picture. The Beautiful portraits of a day, a series of words & events that create an ever changing history of our lifetimes, our #threads. 🌹💋  My story is a sad one. But I’m a survivor with so many dreams. Accomplished is what I desire but my gut tells me this will take my whole life.  I must remain humble and know the good in every person, I also must work hard and be pro-active. I must spread the word of our times: The Threads of life. 

Michele McAlister: GlamPhilosopher



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