Published May Be In My Future

I was contacted by Publisher last night, and while I did not speak to her she did leave a message. Basically this means that I need to buckle down, get serious, and truly bring out the writer that I have buried so deep inside of me. For years now I have been in a coma so to speak, but now I must wake up, put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, and start writing the novel that has existed in my head for 20 years. My first inkling of writing a book was 23 years ago or so, when one of my dearest friends died. Since then I have wanted to add to it since I have literally lived many experiences and lives. In the past 25 years I have had rebirth upon rebirth. So I definitely have the trials of life to include in my writing, but is it enough to make an actual book that will be liked & hopefully admired? I do not know. My link to the “other side” is strong. You just have to believe and have Faith. 



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