MY Glamour Philosophy

đŸ’‹ I have a story to tell. One which will take some time, many revisions, idea changes, plot goes awry, characters Don’t change and should, fictional, AND non-fictional, when, or do I, begin another blog??, etcetera. I have much to say, and it’s time to tell. 

I love simplicity and honesty. I like luxury, and have, as “they” say, champagne taste on a beer budget. If so, please make it a Texas beer. I have passions for learning, education, and fashion, beauty, & Faith. I have a passion for writing and creating. It’s time to “come out of my fashion closet” with all my writings and put together my book. Now!, it is action time. Prayers for me please. For my cross gets in my way, heck I get in my way! 

More on My GlamourPhilosophy to come. This is post #1. Thank you, Michele McAlisterđŸ’‹


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