The post previous to this one was a mistake, however I will not be taking it down. Why? For I am still in the process of learning and I’m doing everything from an iPhone, which you all know is not as good as a desktop or a laptop. The previous post is something I do want to add to my site so that I can share it to soo many different apps and other sites. I might even find out that I can’t add this to my site, but as I learn and grow my site will become better and bigger. I just want to apologize to all my followers if any of you were wondering, “why did she put THAT up?!” LOL. I love to laugh at myself, it helps to relieve the stress and anxiety of branding myself and everything that I love about FASHION and education, LEARNING, photography, and WRITING. I am literally in the process of branding myself. It is a hard thing to do, and at the moment I am doing minor brand marketing for certain companies such as LE MIEL FASHION & LE MIEL HANDBAGS. They were so gracious in response to my marketing of their wonderful company they sent me their latest handbag in the color of my choice, RED! I will be doing a photo shoot with my daughter and myself to feature the gorgeous red handbag and I will of course post everything here and on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts. (Psst, come closer, yes YOU!…plz inform me of other social media sites that I should be using, if u give me advice, I will make sure your name is splattered across my blog! TY!) Now, don’t get me wrong, the photo shoot is totally on me and I am not bringing in any outsiders to do it. I am doing everything all by myself because that’s the way I feel it should be done as your first starting out. However, I must be totally honest, I am also doing it by myself because I do not have the funds, LOL. Yes I may be broke, but that does not mean I can’t be fashionable, witty, chic, classy, a writer as always, and everything beautiful and honest. That’s me. In a nutshell. Honesty is always my best policy; and I’m sorry if I ever hurt a person’s feelings but lying is not the way to live. So now you know a little bit more about me and I promise in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, you will learn so much more about me and hopefully my blog will become world renowned and I can give back as much as I can to those who need it most. Or, at the very least, give a little fashion advice or a tad bit of lifestyle advise that helps at least one person. Even if I don’t become famous, which is not what I’m seeking, I am seeking success that I know is within me. All of you on this wonderful WORDPRESS site have influenced me and given me hope that my writing, my fashion advice, my learning, and education advice Will enhance the life of many of you. God Bless, Godspeed, and may FASHION and WRITING be always in my present and future….yours too!!! 

With love and laughter, THE GlamPhilosopherđź’‹








 I WOULD LOVE SOME FEEDBACK. Feel free to give me some great but nice criticism; OR, shower me with love, laughter, WISDOM, your experiences, your thoughts…ANYTHING!!! Please, and Thank You. I will be forever honored and filled with gratitude.đź’‹ THE GlamPhilosopher. 



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