Implicit Demand For Proof

Hello! I swear I’m not dead. I’ve literally been making the underside of a rock my beautiful home. Weird? Yeah. But it’s the truth. I have journeyed through 2015 in a trance…Many parts fabulous, but other times, horrifying. 

This past year taught me the important lessons to be learned, the mistakes you make, but to forgive yourself. That’s the key!!!! To be a glamourpus person one must be faulty, or their beauty is false. 

So where am I going with this blog? Good question. One thing I know is it isn’t going anywhere…..but to the top. The layout I have in my mind requires many many moons to create. However, it will come to fruition. I know this because it’s My Demand For Proof. 


Listen to Implicit Demand for Proof by twenty one pilots on @AppleMusic.

Much more to come. Blessings.


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